What do we do


Why data analysis?

The newspapers are full of articles about Big Data: Big (and small) companies get more information and insights out of the data that they have. Data is analysed to see what’s going well in the company, what can be improved, or e.g. to analyse the behaviour of their customers. Mission Driven Organisations could also do this. They have a lot of data, but usually not the knowledge to do something with it. DataMission would like to help.

Possible Projects

Data can seem like a clutter of numbers, but by visualising and analysing it, that data can become knowledge. We know analysts and other specialists who would like to volunteer and help organizations extract knowledge from their data.

Possible projects are:

  • Analysing communication with donors. Which e-mail campaigns are more successful?
  • A lot of public data is online. This can be combined with your data to get new insights. E.g. the data of the Statistics Netherlands (CBS)
  • Analysing the list of supporters of your organization. Probably some donors look like each other and can therefore be reached in the same way.
  • Predicting when some important piece of equipment will break, so it can be serviced in advance.
  • If you provide services throughout the country we can analyse whether there are significant differences between the locations where you work, and whether the demand and your supply actually match geographically.
  • Ensure that you can use equipment of which there’s a limited supply in an efficient way. E.g. in logistics.
  • Visual data can also be analysed, e.g. satellite photographs of the area where you’re active.

The list above contains just a couple of options. Much more is possible!

What we don’t do

At the moment we cannot help you setting up an internal network, managing a database or a Microsoft Exchange system, to put some examples. We would like though to get in contact with organisations which do this kind of work for Mission Driven Organisations, so that we can possibly work together.

How can we help?

We are still in the starting up phase, so the exact setup still needs to be found. A possibility is that one or more volunteers would visit you for a couple of hours each month to work on a medium term project. Or we can help you organise a “hackathon”: a weekend where several groups try to solve your problems (see e.g. http://www.datakind.org/blog/datakind-uk-what-a-weekend/).