April 3, 2016

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DataMission & UN World Food Programme Hackathon

DataMission and the World Food Programme (WFP) from the United Nations (UN) joined forces on May 14 and organised a hackathon. Thanks to all the participants. What a day it was! The World Food Program was very impressed with what you produced in just a couple of hours! Congratulations to the winning team 9 with Xiaowei Ma, Bouke Pieter Ottow, Andrew Ridden-Harper, Dennis van den Berg & Marijn van Zelst. They focused on the challenge to get better data resolutions and applied machine learning to create a neural network for Yemen.

Want to know more about the hackathon and solutions developed? Read our blogpost.

What’s next event: hackathon follow-up

As a follow-up event of the DataMission & UN World Food Programme Hackathon on Saturday May 14 we invite all winners and other participants to do more for the World Food Programme. Join us for the “What’s next event” on Monday June 13 from 19:00 – 22:00 in Amsterdam.

We loved the work ethic and enthusiasm of all of you during the hackathon. This is your chance to further develop the solutions of that day and assist WFP further.

There are four options to do more:

  1. Work with the winners on their solutions
  2. Work on two specific challenges we are developing with WFP:
    • Creating open source visualisations on the website of WFP (D3, Highcharts, Bootstrap, Python expertise desired) with Wael.
    • Improving the data quality with Jean-Baptiste.
  3. Continue working on the prototype you have made so far
  4. Do good at another NGO: Greenpeace is looking for help too.

Want to be part of this? Please register on Eventbrite. Also, we would like to know which of the four options you are most interested in.

#HackHunger: partnering with WFP’s mVAM

The World Food Programme is the UN’s humanitarian agency dedicated to achieving a world of Zero Hunger. WFP works in some of the most challenging places in the world where traditional face-to-face data collection is extremely expensive, time-consuming and in some cases, nearly impossible. WFP’s mobile Vulnerability, Analysis, and Mapping (mVAM) team uses mobile technologies such as short phone surveys, SMS, live telephone interviews and an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system to collect critical food security information. mVAM needs your help with data-analysis, improving their survey methods and data visualisations.

Challenges at hackathon

  • Data analysis: Higher resolution estimates
    Use data science to increase the resolution of the food security estimates without having to collect more data.
  • Data visualisation: Manager Decision-making tool
    Design an online decision-making tool for Managers, showcasing clear data visualisations and key messages.

More information on the challenges and the available data can be found on Github.


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