Feedback from the community at our 1st meetup event


In this follow up of our previous posting we would like to share with you the results of the second part of our meetup. We had a brainstorm with the community about what DataMission should do, and how we can help specific MDOs. Many people suggested that we should organise meetups more often, or […]

Videos and presentations from the DataMission Launch event

The presenters of the DataMission launch event were so kind to share their presentations with you. You can find the presentation of Prof Mirko Schäfer in this link. The presentation of Dr Ulrich Mans can be found here, together with the notes from his presentation. You can also find videos of […]

The DataMission launch event

On the 18th of September 2014, the DataMission launch event finally happened! We were happy to welcome more than 30 data missionaries at a fantastic venue ( in the center of Amsterdam. The fantastic environment allowed us to share and exchange lots of creative ideas on the topic of Doing Good with data for Humanity.