Meetup: DIY Data for Good! – incl. Pizza’s

After our successful hackathon with Red Cross we invite you for our next meetup themed ‘DIY Data for Good’. At this event we have two speakers who share their vision on how tech can be used to create a better world. Every speaker is also facing challenges to scale their innovations to the next level. They are curious for your data driven insights and have a few mission opportunities – in which you can become active yourself! – available.

Our first speaker, Gitte Buch, started up a company 100 weeks. Through 100 weeks you give money directly to people living in extreme poverty. They decide how to spend their money and keep you posted how they’re progressing. After 100 weeks they live their lives independently. 100 weeks is an online marketplace connecting people in need with people who want to help. Gitte has the ambition to scale up internationally, and therefore he needs the matchmaking User Experience to function as smoothly as possible. Your advice on which data science models and backend should be behind all this is very much desired. Also, it is possible to help Jeroen as a missionary and join the development team. Our second speaker, Arjan Jager, has experience in doing good with tech before people had even invented the concept ‘tech for good’. Having spent years in development work in various African countries, Arjan has a strong vision on how we, people living in first world countries, can help people in developing countries to grow – without donor money. His answer: Education that empowers and creates local champions. Arjan is now one of the driving forces behind “Virtual University Uganda”. Through online courses international experts train Ugandan students in information sciences. Arjan wants to set up a new track on data visualization and data science. He is looking for your help in creating this program: What should be in it? Which online courses should be used? And who would want to spend some time teaching virtually?
18:45 – Opening of space with pizza’s and drinks
19:15 – Data Mission Introduction
19:20 – Gitte Buch – 100 weeks
19:45 – Arjan Jager – Virtual University of Uganda
20:10 – Split into two groups to deep dive into challenges 100 weeks and Virtual University Uganda
20:45 – Wrap up and closing drinks
Moderator – Tamas Erkelens; Data Mission • What we’ll do
• What to bring
Open mind and laptop

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