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Are you a data scientist with some hours free to help a Mission Driven Organisation? Look no more, here is your next challenge! Or a Mission Driven Organisation with a nice task for a Data Scientist? Then contact us at or fill in this form and we will contact you!


Red Cross is looking for data-driven humanitarians

The Netherlands Red Cross has launched a data initiative. A team of people work together to make smart use of data for humanitarian aid. The goal is to make humanitarian aid more cost effective and faster. Red Cross is looking for people to join the vibrant community of data-driven humanitarians and contribute to challenges on a voluntary basis.

For more information about the Netherlands Red Cross, take a look at and

Helping kids who can’t go to school

A Dutch NGO helps children which, for whatever reason, can’t follow regular primary education. They have a long list of links on (a bookmarking website) to information on innovative educational methods, which can help these children. The NGO wants to share these links with interested parties on their website. Current plans are to split this in three distinct steps, but other solutions are also possible. The three steps are:

  1. Getting the data from This either by parsing the HTML dump provides, or by using the API. Write a script which can do this regularly.
  2. Make it possible to search through the links. The tags available in are not good enough.
  3. Make a prototype of a website where others can search the list of links (using the output of 2).

These three steps can either be combined or be done by different people. Knowledge needed: For 1. either experience with converting HTML files to a CSV or experience with extracting data through an API. For 2 and 3: Relevant experience.

Location: Amsterdam

Language: Dutch