July 27, 2017



DataMission – Red Cross Netherlands Hackathon on Sat 20/5 2017 Amsterdam

The participants focused on a machine learning model for typhoons in the Philippines that the Red Cross has developed. Teams were challenged to improve the machine learning model, either by improving the algorithm performance, or to find new data or new features in existing data, to improve the prediction outcomes. The second challenge was about visualization and storytelling.
To best facilitate the one day hacking on 20 May, a pre-event took place on Monday evening 15 May. The Red Cross data team introduced their challenges, bring you up to date on the work they’ve done themselves and provided access to the datasets. Furthermore, the teams formed in the pre-event.

Hackathon DataMission & UN World Food Programme on 14/5 2016 Amsterdam

Challenges were about data analysis: Higher resolution estimates and developing data visualization: manager decision-making tool. The participants used data science to increase the resolution of the food security estimates without having to collect more data. Furthermore, they designed online decision-making tools for managers, showcasing clear data visualizations and key messages.