A look back at 2015: Data Mission cooperated with existing initiatives


In the final months of 2015 we teamed up with initiatives that already organised interesting events. Two Data Mission teams joined the Museumnacht Hackthon in November. That same month, we hosted a Data Desk at the Connected Development Festival where NGO’s dropped by to get instant advice on data.

Museumnacht Hackathon

How to find new ideas to improve mobility, navigation and crowd management in the city of Amsterdam? These were some of challenges that the two Data Mission teams accepted during the Museumnacht Hackathon. Although the best idea was awarded €3500 we came up with a solution for a societal cause. Our aim was to invent solutions that make the city a better place to live and visit.

The competition was tough with professional teams of startups and companies, but Data Mission delivered two honorable solutions:
1.      a city explorer application, in which tourists could earn credits by going to less crowded areas in Amsterdam, based on open data.
2.      a sentiment analysis of citizens input to the city government during Kingsday, aiming to prioritise the 10.000 reports.

It was a great day, with 15 data missionaries, lots of data analytics and drinks. Our 2 crews finished the day in the culturally highbrow NEMO and were awarded a free ticket to party all night long at Museum Night. Despite this promising prospect to some, most Data Missionaries returned home after a few drinks exhausted after a long day of data science.

Data Desk @ Connected Development Festival

At the Connected Development Festival Data Missionaries had the chance to get in touch with NGO’s and learn more about their data dilemma’s. The perfect opportunity to broaden our network and talk to organisations that devote all of their time to doing good for humanity.

During the conference, a group of four Data Missionaries hosted our desk where participants could drop by and explore how data could help their daily work. Besides the interesting conversations at our desk, we attended lectures and workshops where we learned more on how data is already used within the field of international development and humanitarian aid. An interesting day!

Promises for 2016

2016 is looking good for Data Mission. Currently, we are preparing for our own hackathon (!). A cool event where we will focus on doing good with data! The hackathon will probably be organised somewhere in Spring. But more details will follow very soon!

We are looking for more volunteers to help us organise the hackathon. So if you’re interested in contributing, let us know and send us an email: info@datamission.nl.