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[:en]What did the different teams at the Red Cross Hackathon do[:]

[:en]On the 20th of May DataMission organised a hackathon for the Red Cross and 510.global. The day is described here. This blogposting contains more technical details of what the teams did. Machine Learning model teams The first team, team015, tried to tweak the inputs and to combine them to thus find […]

[:en]Predicting typhoons and visualising their impact for Red Cross[:]

[:en]As technology grows and becomes more and more a part of everyday life, we are starting to truly understand how to utilize it for the good of society.  Using data for social change is a relatively new trend.  However, it is picking up steam and many organizations are looking into […]

Hackathon DataMission – Red Cross Netherlands

[:en]Unfortunately there are no more tickets available.  Mark your calendars! Following last year’s successful Data4Food hackathon with UN World Food Programme, we’re very excited to invite you to our next hackathon with Red Cross Netherlands. The hackathon will take place on Saturday 20th May 2017 in Amsterdam. To give you […]

[:en]Come to our Meetup on Thursday September 29![:nl]Come to our Meetup on Thursday September 29[:]

[:en]We are excited to inform you about our next Meetup. On Thursday September 29 we have an interesting evening planned for you: to inspire you to think about the influence data can have on society, the chances and challenges.

[:en]Event Open State Foundation: Accountability Hack[:]

[:en]On the eve of Prince’s Day (Budget Day), for the first time in the Netherlands, Accountability Hack will take place. During this hackathon government spending and performance will be mapped with open data. The event is not organised by DataMission, but DataMissionaries are welcome to participate!

[:en]Solve hunger through data analysis and visualisation[:]

[:en] #HackHunger with UN World Food Programme and DataMission For the past couple of months, the DataMission team has worked hard to organise its first hackathon on Saturday May 14 in Amsterdam. And we had a blast! A big thanks to all the 50+ participants — a mix of developers, […]

A look back at 2015: Data Mission cooperated with existing initiatives

[:en]In the final months of 2015 we teamed up with initiatives that already organised interesting events. Two Data Mission teams joined the Museumnacht Hackthon in November. That same month, we hosted a Data Desk at the Connected Development Festival where NGO’s dropped by to get instant advice on data.

Update from DataMission (and some questions)

[:en]A lot has happened since this posting, so it’s time for an update. We had two events, started tweeting more, and we have now over 400 members on meetup! So we see a lot of enthusiasm at the data community in the Netherlands for what we are trying to do. […]

Join our Data Desk at Connected Development Camp – Friday, November 13

[:en]Last week we sent all DataMissionaries an email about our upcoming activity: On Friday November 13, the Connected Development Camp takes place. A yearly event focused on the future of international development cooperation and humanitarian aid. DataMission will host a Data Desk. Here we will provide NGO’s, activists, researchers, journalists […]

Data4Food Hackathon 11 – 13 september 2015

[:en]Great news! All Data-missionaries are invited to participate in the Data4Food Hackathon on 11-13 September in The Hague. During this hackathon we will develop innovative solutions for food security. Ensuring that all people have access to sufficient, affordable, safe and nutritious food is a key challenge for our society. The […]